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3C4A Award Nominations

Honoring our Own Award | Nomination Form

This award has been created by 3C4A to recognize outstanding Athletic Advisors and Counselors for their excellence and dedication to students and the profession. This award is presented each year at the 3C2A Annual Convention.


Nomination Eligibility Requirements

  • Nominee must have at least five years of experience as Athletic Advisor/Counselor

  • Nominee must have nominated a student-athlete for the 3C4A Academic Achievement Award within the last three years (student need not have won).

  • Nominee must be an "active dues-paying member" of the 3C4A (attendance at one conference per year minimum.)


Nomination Process

  • Nominations must be submitted by a counseling colleague, coach, athletic director, dean, compliance office, or student-athlete

  • Nominators must fill out the nomination form

  • A letter of recommendation from the person nominating the advisor/ counselor must accompany the nomination form.


Time period for nominations: December 1-January 31
Judging/Panel Review: February 1-February 28
Announce winner: First Monday in March
Recognize winner: 3C2A Spring Convention

Judging panel will consist of three judges:

Judging Criteria
Nominations will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • What was the goal/objective and was it reached?

  • Delivery of impactful service to students.

  • The degree to which services/ actions have made a lasting or meaningful contribution or impact on the community.

  • The extent to which the service or action might be considered above and beyond the call of duty.

  • The extent to which the action would be recognized and valued by peers/ community leaders.


Student Athlete Achievement Award | Nomination Form

Our achievement award is intended to honor student athletes who have overcome great personal, academic and/or emotional odds to achieve success while participating in intercollegiate athletics. These men and women may not be your best student[1]athletes and therefore have not been recognized by other organizations, but they have persevered and made significant personal strides toward success. These are the students who benefit most from academic advisement programs; they are our motivation and our sense of satisfaction. Therefore, we want to recognize them for their accomplishments with the 3C4A Student Athlete Achievement Award


Nomination Eligibility Requirements
Any student athlete who has completed 2 seasons at an accredited community college with at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average. The nominee must be currently competing in their second season or have just completed their second year. The student athlete must be in good academic standing.


Who May Nominate A Student Athlete?

The nomination should be a mutual nominee made by the student’s Athletic Academic Counselor/Advisor and Coach. The Academic Counselor/Advisor must be a 3C4A member. Each college may nominate a maximum of: One Male and One Female


Nomination Process

  1. A personal essay, which communicates the following: (20 points)

    1. Student’s lifetime experiences/hardships

    2. How have academic and social experiences contributed to the student’s goals and achievements

    3. How did the Athletic Counselor/Advisor assist in your success?

    4. How did the college assist in your success?

    5. What are your future goals?

  2. A detailed account of student’s campus activities, academic honors, athletic achievements, and outside or community activities and honors. (10 points)

  3. Three letters of recommendation, one each from the following: Head Coach, Counselor/Advisor, and Faculty of choice. (15 points)

    1. Each letter should be specific in nature, detailing the individual’s progress. Please include the nominee’s full name and the name/title of person making the recommendation.

  4. An unofficial transcript from the community college. Unofficial copies of other college work. (5 points total for transcripts and photo)


  6. Send Nomination Packet to your area 3C4A Vice President


Time period for nominations: December 1-February 2
Judging/Panel Review: February 5-February 28
Announce winner: First Monday in March
Recognize winner: 3C2A Spring Convention

Judging panel will consist of four judges:

Judging Criteria
Nominations will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Personal Essay- 20 points

  • Summary of Activities- 10 points

  • Letters of Recommendation- 15 points (3 @ 5 points each)

  • Transcripts & Photo/Application completion- 5 points

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