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3C4A Mission Statement

The mission of the Community College Counselors/Advisors Academic Association for Athletics is to create and develop a broad academic guidance support system. This will allow the student athlete to achieve their own individual academic goals while competing at the highest level of athletics offered by the California Community College Athletic Association. As academic counselors, we will encourage the student's ownership of their academic, career and social responsibilities.

As educators, we will collaborate and network with other counselors for the purpose of providing continuing education for our members. As professionals, we will continue to inform and teach our respective associates within our institutions, as well as the California Community College Athletic Association, National Collegiate Athletic Association and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, academic athletic eligibility requirements.

Finally, the 3C4A will serve as a consulting group to any and all collegiate associations and affiliate organizations in regards to academic athletic issues to continually promote and improve the academic counseling support system for the student athlete.

Mission Statement: About Us
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